Frecuent Asked Questions


1).Can we take our children on this excursion?

R). Children from 6 to 11 years old are welcome, we provide all the safety gear. Kids older than 12 paid as an adult.


2).What´s the minimum age to participate on this tour?

R). 6 Years old


3). This tours are for everyone?

R).Except for pregnant women, people with low back problems, low pression, people who suffer from vertigo.


4). Whats the maximum weight for the zip lines?

R). 267 Lbs or 120 kg


5). How should i dress and what items should i bring to the tour?

R).We recommends comfortable clothing with a bathing suit on underneath, tennis shoes, no sandals please.


6).What are the height and distance of the zip lines?

A).The height of the zip line varies between 8 meters to 20 meters. The distance of the zip line varies between 50 meters to 125 meters.


7).What kind of food do you offer??

A). Lunch included two pieces of grilled chicken thigh and rice, bottle of water included.


8). Is there a veggie option?

A).We do have a rice, beans and fruits available if you make a request with 24 hours at least we will prepare something better.


9).Do you provided towels?

A).They do not. We rent them in 5.00 Usd


10).If it rains, do you cancel the tour?

A).No we do not. For your security we avoid using zip lines when there is thunderstorms along with the rain.


11).Do we need to bring extra money with us?

A). Yes you do.


There are extra expeensives that you have to considerer:


Atv collision insurance 5.00 Usd (not included in your ticket)

Locker 3.00 Usd

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